Before contacting us, please check if your question has not already been answered here. That saves you waiting again! Questions about orders will only be handled by mail or whatsapp, not by social media.

I would like to reserve a piece, is that possible?
It is not possible to reserve items. I like to give everyone an equal chance to score a nice piece. Keep an eye on social media for the latest restocks!

It’s a present, can you wrap it?
We do not offer a wrapping service.

I forgot to check the free shipping option, can this be changed?
Paid and therefore completed orders can no longer be changed. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to request a refund for the shipping costs. It is your own responsibility to check the free shipping option in your shopping cart. So please pay attention to this!

I have received a message that money has been refunded to me, but it is not yet in my account.
All payments are processed by our payment provider mollie, not by bank transfer. The moment you receive a message that your money has been refunded, it can still take 1-3 business days before this is visible in your account. On your statement you will also find the name mollie with the refund.

I want to cancel my order, is this possible?
Your order can be canceled if it has not yet been completed. Is your order still open in your account? Send an email to in which you clearly indicate that you want to cancel this order and always state your order number. When possible, we will cancel your order and refund your money.

Cancelling orders is expensive.Of course it´s possible that you change your mind, no problem. If orders are routinely canceled in a short period of time, future orders may be declined.

I placed an order and now there is a discount.
Of course it´s very annoying if a discount promotion is launched after you have placed an order, unfortunately I cannot take that into account because orders come in all day long. If i did i wouldn’t be able to launch any fun promotions anymore. It is therefore not possible to settle a discount on a previously placed order. Settlement or refund is also not possible if you have forgotten to use the promotion.

There is a scratch or stain on my product.
Minerals and fossils, they are all natural products. One more fragile than the other. These beautiful pieces are often extracted from mines, caves or deep in the ground. Some are millions of years old! So it is not uncommon for there to be an unevenness in your piece such as an inclusion, hole or scratch. This is simply unavoidable and therefore cannot be accepted as a complaint. With fragil pieces such as sulphur, celestine and other quartz varities, a crystal can come loose during shipment, unfortunately this is also unavoidable despite solid packaging. It is of course a different story if an item comes in broken or pulverized.

I have a mineral and I don’t know what it is, can I email you about it?
I get this question very often, so often that I have decided not to answer these anymore. I simply don’t have time to estimate everyone’s crystals. Of course I will help you if you have any questions about pieces that you have bought from me.

I’m looking for something that I can’t find in the webshop, can I email you for it?
Ofcourse you can! I get new pieces every week and i love to consider the wishes of my customers when i go crystal shopping. I go to many different places, so there is a big chance that i can find what you want.