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Origin and history.
Pink amethyst is a variety of the quartz mineral and can be recognized by its pink color. The pink color is thought to be due to inclusions of hematite or manganese. Pink amethyst is a trade name, which can sometimes cause confusion, because originally the name amethyst was given to the purple variety of quartz. There are a lot of discussions whether or not it should be called this way. Pink amethyst is found in Brazil and Argentina. The pink amethyst from both countries has a lot of differences. The kind from Brazil mostly is chalcedony with hematite, while the kind from Argentina only is found in geodes with mostly big crystals. The first found of pink amethyst was in 2019 and it has been one of the most populair minerals ever since!

Possible healing properties.
Pink amethyst is a crystal with strong spiritual properties. Pink amethyst has a strong effect on our health, especially the heart. It helps to see the positive and discard the negative. The loving vibration gives a feeling of complete inner peace. The heart chakra is strongly stimulated and with that you can better love yourself and your environment. Self-love is a big keyword. Place a piece of pink amethyst under your pillow or near your sleeping place to get a good night’s sleep. Provides overall relaxation and takes away stress so that you can start your day cheerful and fresh. Pink amethyst is also suitable for children, babies and pregnant women. It radiates a soft, loving and motherly energy and is therefore not too intense.*


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