Origin and history.
Moonstone belongs to the moonstone family and is found in many colors. Because moonstone is a feldspar, it often has a mysterious flash with the most beautiful colors such as blue, silver, green. This beautiful flash excist because of the ´schiller effect´. Schiller is German for shining,  and describes the gemological effect of aventurescence which is caused by light reflecting off tiny mineral platelets inside the gemstone. Moonstone get it´s name because of this beautiful play of colours. Moonstone is found in many places and all sorts have different kinds of minerals inside of it.  Because of its magical appearance, moonstone is a very popular stone to use in jewelry.

Possible healing properties:
Moonstone was already widely used by the Romans and Greeks, who believed that it helped against infertility and financial hardship. For that reason, moonstone is still very popular, especially among women. It seems to help with getting and staying pregnant and can also support during pregnancy. It helps to balance the hormones and can therefore help with typical pregnancy and menstruation pains.

Meditate with a moonstone during the full moon to get most of its powers. Moonstone gives a soft, loving and motherly energy and is very nice to carry with you.

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