Malachite is a green opaque mineral with a nice striped pattern when sharpened. If you saw malachite in half, you will see eye-shaped patterns. Malachite was already used in Neanderthal times and has always been attributed to the goddesses. It has been considered a woman’s stone for centuries. The beautiful green colors in malachite are caused by a high copper content. This also makes the stone very vulnerable. Exposure to, for example, sweat, perfume and soap can cause damage and quickly penetrate into the stone.

Unfortunately there is a lot of imitation of malachite in circulation, especially in jewelry/beads. So always pay attention when you purchase malachite. The easiest way is to look at the weight. Is a bracelet/necklace very lightweight, like glass beads? Then you can actually assume that you have an imitation in your hands. Real malachite is quite heavy in weight, also in cut form such as beads.

Malachite is found in Australia, Norway, Congo, Namibia, America, Switzerland, Elba, Zambia and Brazil.

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