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Origin and history.
Larimar is a form of pectolite that is very rare. Larimar is rarer than diamond! Because only a limited amount of larimar is found, the price is very high. Unfortunately, for that reason, there is also a lot of fake in circulation, so always pay attention. If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably an imitation. Larimar has a beautiful sea blue color with a cloudy pattern.

The first larimar was found in 1916, although it did not yet have this name. After that, nothing more was found for a long time. In 1974 Miguel Mendez found the it again, and named it after his daughter Larissa (nickname Lari) and after the sea blue color. The stone would come from the lost Atlantis, and is therefore also called the stone of Atlantis sometimes. Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic.

Possible healing properties.
Larimar has a strong effect on the throat chakra, but also connects the upper three chakras well with each other. This will make everything flow again. It can open your third eye (again) and provides insights on a spiritual level. It makes you aware and brings you back into balance. Larimar is creative and helps you to retain or bring to the surface the knowledge you have gained. Very suitable for studying with. Physically, larimar enhances your body’s self-healing ability and boosts your immune system. It can also help with joint pain.*

*This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of users and therapists. The properties mentioned are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified doctor or therapist.