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Chrysocolla is a popular mineral with a blue-greenish color and is a minor ore of Copper. It forms in the oxidation zones of copper ore bodies. Associated minerals are Quartz, Limonite, Azurite, Malachite, Cuprite and other secondary copper minerals.
Chrysocolla was already very popular with the Egyptians and was often used to make amulets or decorate tombs. Chrysocolla was also very popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Chrysocolla is found in the U.S., Russia, Australia, Chile. Germany, South Africa, Israel and Great Britain.

Possible healing properties.

Chrysocolla has a strong connection with the throat chakra and therefore contributes to good communication. Chrysocolla helps you to be honest with others and certainly with yourself. Lying and cheating becomes very difficult when you carry a chrysocolla with you, it therefore ensures that you can cleanse the aura of blockages.

Chrysocolla strengthens intuition and helps you speak out about what is important to you. Helps great against shyness and ensures that you can better guard your boundaries.*

*This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of users and therapists. The properties mentioned are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified physician or therapist.