Origin and history. 
Celestite is the blue varity of quartz which has been populair for ages. It’s won in many countries but the most populair kind comes from Madagascar. Celestite can have many differents shade of blue. The price really depends on how dark the crystals are. Celestite get its name from the Latin word ‘Caelestis’, wich means “celestial”. Celestite often grows in gypsium which makes it more fragile than other quartz varities. Celestite is difficult to polish and that’s why its more often sold in raw pieces. You better keep celestite out of the water, since the gypsium can melt which make your cluster fall apart.

Possible healing properties.
Celestite is a powerful healer that is a great fit for Gemini people. It is often referred to as the Angel Stone because of its calming and loving energy. Celestite is very soothing and clears the mind. It’s a populair piece that’s often used by healers and mediums. Celestite helps you to speak from your heart and further stimulates all forms of communication. Celestite strengthens the intuition and triggers the third eye. Put a piece of celesite by your bed and you will see that you can remember your dream more detailed. Makes creative and calm. Celesite is nice to use in a relaxing meditation. Physically, it affects tense muscles and everything from the neck to the forehead. Think of head, eyes, throat, ears, voice and mouth.

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