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Origin and history.
Aquamarine is a precious mineral that belongs to the beryl group. It has a soft blue color and is named after the sea. Aqua means water and Marina means sea in Latin. According to ancient legends, it was the stone of the mermaids and gave the finder unconditional love. The Greeks and Romans liked to give Aquamarine as a gift to each other as a symbol of love and fidelity.

Aquamarine has been used for centuries as an important healing stone. It seems to help very well with allergic reactions, insect bites and eye problems.

Unfortunately, because Aquamarine is quite expensive, imitations are often sold. This can vary from colored glass to processed topaz and tourmaline.
Aquamarine is sometimes also made synthetically, so always pay attention when you buy something!

Aquamarine is found in Namibia, Zambia, America, Brazil, Kenya, Myanmar, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Russia, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

Possible healing properties.
Aquamarine harmonizes heart and soul and gives off a soft, loving energy. It is a stone that is often used by women because it can contribute positively in pregnancy. It can also help after pregnancy, especially to stimulate breastfeeding. Aquamarine helps you to be honest. To yourself and to others. It is a stone that offers comfort and can be used during grief or heartbreak. Aquamarine creates tolerance and ensures that you are less likely to become irritated by others.*

*This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of users and therapists. The properties mentioned are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified doctor or therapist.