Apophyllite belongs to the zeolites group who was discovered in the 19th century by R.J. Hauy. It knows many colors like white, green, blue, pink and sometimes colorless. The most rare and expensive colors are green and pink.  Apophyllite is found in many places, but the most prettiest en by far most populair ones come from Poona, India. It gets it name from the Greek words “Apo” and “Phyllon”, which stands for “flake off”. They felt like apophyllite looks a lot like snow and also felt very soft.

Apophyllite is very hard to polish since it has the hardness of only 5, thats why you mostly see them sold in clusters. You hardly ever see any apophyllite jewelry unless it contains a raw crystal.

Possible healing properties:
Apophyllite is used for powerfull healings for a long time. Its known as a strong cleanser and stands for perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy. All is one is the message apophyllite tells us. When meditating with apophyllite it can give you deep insights and some people even talk about astral travelling. Apophyllite gives an loving, serene energy and makes negative thought fade away. Apophyllite is for people who are willing to do some soul searching and need enlightning.*

Fun facts:
– Apophyllite and clear/rock quarts gets mixed up a lot. When in doubt count the sides on the crystal. Apophyllite has 4 sides where clear quartz has six.
– Apophyllite holds water. Thats why its able to conduct electricity!

*This information is not based on scientifical research, its based on personal experiences from users and therapists. Minerals are never meant to replace an doctor. 

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