Origin and history.
Amethyst is a variety of quartz and can be recognized by its purple color. This beautiful purple color is created by iron in combination with ionizing radiation. Amethyst can be lavender to deep purple in color. Not long ago, pink amethyst was also found. Amethyst used to be very popular with the Egyptians and Romans, among others, and it still is today. It is the most popular mineral in the world. Depending on the quality, the prices can be reasonable to very expensive. Amethyst is found in many places, but the most beautiful pieces have come from Uruguay for years. In the Middle Ages it was believed that Amethyst could help against drunkenness. This is why the bishops drank their wine from an amethyst cup.

Possible energetic effects.
Amethyst is known for its calming effect. It is a widely used mineral for sleeping problems and also very popular against headaches. Amethyst de-stresses and calms the mind. Both energetically and physically. It reduces nightmares and helps you sleep more deeply, so you wake up less at night. Apart from the healing effect, Amethyst also has a deep vibration and has a strong connection with the third eye. It opens where the answers are hidden, or consciousness. Amethyst is great to meditate with, but also to carry with you on stressful days. In terms of energy, amethyst is also suitable for children and pregnant women. Combine amethyst with a rose quartz and rock crystal for a golden triangle. The ultimate harmonic energy.

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