Origin and history.
Heulandite is a zeolite species named after the English John Henry Heuland. Heulandite has different crystal types and occurs in the colors pink, white, yellow, red, yellow and green. The green variety is the most rare. Heulandite is commonly found in volcanic environments and rocks. Unfortunately, little is known about the history of heulandite. Because of its beauty, it is a popular piece for collectors.
Possible healing properties.
Heulandite is considered a very spiritual mineral. It would help with sleeping and prevent nightmares. It provides insights and gives off a soft energy. It gives you focus and energy to make big steps in your career. Some say heulandite can be used in astral travel and contacting other dimensions.*
*This information is not based on scientific research, it’s based on personal experiences from users and therapists. Minerals are never meant to replace a certified doctor.

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